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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Les Horribles Indeed!

Teenagers just standing around.

A letter to the editor of our local newspaper, The Pleasant Valley Shouter has recently been printed from a Mrs. Irma Fended who was concerned that there would not be enough seats in hell for all the people who have tickets to see the latest drama presentation at Pleasant Valley High School.

This has become an annual occurrence for the news paper - the printing of Irma's letter of disgruntlement - which always finds its way to the editors-desk come mid-January of the new year. Apparently Mrs. Fended has not been successful in finding an appropriate outlet for her post Christmas blues. Many have suggested that she try to fill the holiday void by boosting her blood sugar medication, donating time to the “Friends of Friends of Felons” or joining a book club rather than harassing the teenage thespians, but she continues year after year.

Last year she aimed her aggression not only at the selection of the rather tame post-Broadway fair presented, but at the Shakespearean piece that followed it. She wondered on paper, if she was the only one not liking “As You Like It”. Not escaping Irma's winter wrath was Mr. Rigby, the speech and drama instructor himself. Mrs. Fended has been upset with him for having waited through almost four years of marriage to the lovely Susan Barbara Rigby to start a family.

The controversial selection produced last year was the cult favorite of the great white way, “Urine Asia” – a thought provoking romp with song and dance through the water closets of history. While I myself was taken a-back at the title of the show, I was assured by my 14 year old that this production, a musical version of the PBS special “Thrones of the Ages” was definitely worthwhile. I found it so myself when I attended with my wife who bought 17 tickets for the two of us. My house is a solicitor's haven.

I especially enjoyed the song “The Plumbers Lament”. It spoke to me on many different levels, and would have spoken to many others in the community but for the fact that there were only four of us in attendance. Most were put off by the “anti-crapper” parade taking place in front of the auditorium put on by Mrs. Fended, her neighbor Marilyn, and their combined seven dogs.

Their loss. The show was great.

This year Irma is all tethered by Victor Hugo's classic “Les Horribles” - the title of which is French, amazingly enough, for “stop the silly letter writing campaign already”. Now Irma has me all concerned, if I am to believe the verbiage on the fliers she has placed on my windshield, in my mailbox, and has hot-glued to my dog.

Did you know that Victor Hugo's hero in the play starts the whole shebang off by stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family? What a slough! And this is musical comedy?

I'm with Irma. There is no way I am taking my family to a show where there are people overcoming miserable circumstances, experiencing repentance, forgiveness, interplay of justice and mercy, as well as divine and inspiring music.

I think I will stay home with my family where it's safe and watch Detroit: SUV instead.


  1. Is the rest as funny as this? Can't wait to read!

  2. Not to mention that Pres. Monson has quoted from this play! "To love another person is to see the face of God" --That's MY quoting from this show! SCANDALOUS!

    Mrs. Fended...please just put your head back in the sand!

  3. Thank you for this article! Mr Rigby is incredible and has done some incredible shows. I find it interesting that Mrs. Fended is the only one concerned. If there was really something to be concerned about don't you think that the parents of the young thesbians would share their concerns with Mr Rigby? (I know that he has and will continue to work with the young actors and their concerns, but there aren't any...)

    What Mrs. Fended doesn't see behind the scenes are the life lessons that Mr Rigby is teaching these students. As I have talked to several of them, they have expressed their gratitude for the time, effort, and love that Mr Rigby has put into these spectacular productions. Thank you Mr. Rigby! Please continue on and ignore the ignorant!